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Scientist unlocks secret to a longer, healthier life

posted Mar 27, 2011 00:23:07 by mccomms

A scientist has revealed how people could extend their lives by as much as 30 years in
his extraordinary new book, The Anti-Ageing Protocol – a formula that is set to radically
change our views – and experiences – of old age.
Dr. Malcolm Goyns, a leading scientist in the field of ageing research, has discovered a
unique dietary protocol that slows ageing and also aids weight loss. This remarkable
discovery is based on a low calorie or ‘calorie restriction’ (CR) diet, combined with a
chemical – the anti-oxidant alpha lipoic acid (ALA).
While conducting ground-breaking research into CR diets and their effect on ageing in
rodents, Dr. Goyns and his collaborators found that alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) can mimic
the CR diet’s life-extending effects if used as part of a particular dietary protocol. This
work has just been published in the scientific journal ‘Mechanisms of Ageing &
Now, Dr. Goyns, who is Director of Stockton based scientific research and publishing
firm Immorgene Concepts Limited, reveals in The Anti-Ageing Protocol how anyone can
adopt the technique with the intension of living a longer, healthier and more productive
life. It is predicted that anyone adopting this protocol will not have to follow a stringent
CR diet long-term to achieve longer lives.
Dr. Goyns explained: “The anti-ageing protocol is based on an unexpected and exciting
finding, which was the result of extensive research into CR diets and ageing. CR diets
have for many years been known to extend the life spans of mammals by up to 50% but
our experiments with rodents found that after a short period of CR dieting the animals
could be allowed to feed freely and still show extended life, if their food was
supplemented with ALA. An equally surprising finding was that this protocol also
produced a prolonged anti-obesity effect.”
“While CR diets are followed as a matter of course in communities like Okinawa in
Japan, which has the highest number of centenarians in good health anywhere in the world, the diet can be difficult to follow for most people. Our discovery indicates that by
following a CR diet for a six month period and then taking ALA while eating normally,
the same life extension effects will be experienced.”
Dr. Goyns concluded: “The protocol can be adopted by anyone without interfering with
their normal lifestyles. I predict that this discovery will radically change the way we see
old-age and significantly reduce the burden on NHS and other healthcare resources by
seeing many pensioners live independently and healthily into their 90s and even their
Further information on The Anti-Ageing Protocol can be obtained by email A copy of the book (which is priced at £13.99) can be
obtained from any good bookshop or Amazon.
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